Up Olofsson Farmhouse Detailed Biographies

Peter Olofsson        Picture of his farmhouse in Ånhult
Born 1769, Died February 10, 1841
Owned and worked a farm in
Ånhult with his brother Sven.
Married to Kerstin Persdotter (b. 1783, d. 1848)
They had four children:
Anna, born September 10, 1810.  In 1833 she moved away to Vaggeryd.
Jonas, born June 3, 1814
Stina Catarina, born September 20, 1816, moved to Björkö in 1832
Johan, born July 6, 1827

Sven Olofsson
Younger brother of Peter Olofsson.
Born September, 1774, Died January 13, 1853
Married to Stina Petersdotter (born February, 1792)

Jonas Petterson Ågren        Picture of the house in Ånhult where he grew up
Born June 3, 1814 Ånhult, Sandsjö, Sweden
Died September 5, 1872, Kärrabo, Sweden
Married to Stena Katrina (Christina Catherine) Jonsdotter (b. September 3, 1814; d. 1854)
Moved from Ånhult to the village of Kärrabo in Almesåkra in 1854. about 25 km away.
They had four children:
Jonas Petter, born August 14, 1842
Clas Johan, born 1844
Anna Helena, born 1847
Johannes Alfred, born 1850

Jonas Peter Johnson Ogren     Detailed Biography
Born August 14, 1842 in Ånhult, Jönköping Län, Sweden
Died January 1, 1914 in Jamestown, NY
Immigrated from Sweden to Jamestown, NY with his wife and 2 year old son Alfred Johan, arriving at Ellis Island on April 15, 1870.
First wife was Maria Christina Andersdotter.
Married his second wife Anna Marie Svenson on February 20, 1874 in Jamestown, NY.
When he immigrated to America, he dropped Ågren from his name and was known as Jonas Peter Johnson.  In May 1891, after 21 years, he changed his name back to the Swedish family name because he felt there were too many Johnsons in Jamestown.  He changed the spelling of the name from Ågren to Ogren at that time.

Maria Christina Andersdotter
Born December 3, 1840 in Almesäkra, Sweden
Died October 31, 1877 in Jamestown, NY
First wife of Jonas Peter Johnson Ogren.  Children were Alfred Johan and Charles Anders.

Anna Marie Svenson
Born March 24, 1846 in Sweden, immigrated to America in 1870
Died December 8, 1925 in Jamestown, NY
Second wife of Jonas Peter Johnson Ogren.
One son, Henry, by her first marriage.
Children with Jonas Peter were Rose, Esther, Lydia, Mary and David.

Johan Alfred Ogren
Went by Alfred John Ogren in America
Born May 25, 1868 in Kärrabo, Sweden
Died December 8, 1935 in Jamestown, NY
Married to Maria Helga Nelson and had four children: Jessie (b. 1890), Sidney (b. 1892), Ruth(b. 1896) and  Earl (b.1905).

Esther Matilda Ogren
Born April 27, 1880 in Jamestown, NY
Died  November 9, 1957 in Jamestown, NY
Married Alfred A. Nord and their children were Wesley Alfred, Kermit John, Charles Lowell and Jannette Esther.

Charles Anders Ogren
Born August 13, 1870 in Jamestown, NY
Died August 16, 1929 in Kane, PA in a tragic accident.
He was a well known lawyer.
Married to Alma Theresa Gustafson.

Clara Lydia Ogren
Born August 12, 1883 in Jamestown, NY
Died March 7, 1953
Had a short, unsatisfactory marriage to John Gaudin.  She was a nurse and served as a missionary at Inhambane, Portuguese East Africa in about 1925.

Henry Johnson (also known as Henry J. Jones)
Born July 25, 1869 in Sweden, came to Jamestown, NY in 1870 with his mother Anna Marie Svenson.
Died December 10, 1938 in Jamestown, NY
When the rest of the family changed their name to Ogren (see Jonas Peter Johnson Ogren), he continued to be known as Henry Johnson.  When he married Anna Haagas, he changed his name to Henry J. Jones.

Maria Christina (Mary Christine) Ogren
Born November 29, 1885 in Jamestown, NY
Died April 18, 1955 in St. Louis, MO
Married George D. Schlosser.
They were missionaries in China for many years.

Rosalie Helena (Rose) Ogren
Born January 1, 1875 in Jamestown, NY
Died October 14, 1956
Married to Edward Carl Nord

David Paul Ogren            Detailed Biography
Born June 21, 1889 in Jamestown, NY
Died May 8, 1974 in Miami, FL
Married Mary Gladys Ahlstrom

Mary Gladys Ahlstrom
Born May 26, 1891 in Jamestown, NY
Died May 5, 1979 in Falconer, NY

Robert Edward Ogren        Detailed Biography
Born February 9, 1922 in Jamestown, NY
Died July 13, 2005, Chautauqua, NY
Address:  88 Lathrop St., Kingston, PA 18704
Married to Jean Blose Jackson, August 28, 1948 in Philadelphia, PA

Jean Blose Jackson
Born March 31, 1924 in Glendale, CA
Married to Robert Edward Ogren, August 28, 1948 in Philadelphia, PA

Paul Robert Ogren        email
Born June 24, 1949 in Champaign/Urbana, IL
Married to Jeana S. Anderson, December 19, 1972 in Madison, WI

Jeana S. Anderson        email
Born November 17, 1948 in Scottsbluff, NE
Married to Paul R. Ogren, December 19, 1972 in Madison, WI
Daughter of Harold Einar Anderson and Bertha Margaret Coy.

Bertha Margaret Coy (Margaret Coy Anderson) email    Detailed Biography
Born July 9, 1920 in Gering, Nebraska

David Marcus Ogren    
Born May 8, 1920 in Jamestown, NY
Married to Meriam Jean Johnson in Jamestown, NY
Second marriage to Mary Herbert Steuer c. 1985

Meriam Jean Johnson
Born December 1, 1920 in Jamestown, NY
Died May 16, 1983 in Fullerton, CA
Married to David Marcus Ogren in Jamestown, NY

Mary Catherine (Trinka) Ogren    
Born July 28, 1945 in Jamestown, NY
Married to Joseph Gerald Aversa, Sr. on August 20, 1966 in Fullerton, CA.

Joseph Gerald Aversa, Sr     
Born May 18, 1944 in Brooklyn, NY
Married to Mary Catherine Ogren on August 20, 1966 in Fullerton, CA.
Baseball coach and retired high school Physical Education teacher

Joseph Gerald Aversa, Jr.
Born May 20, 1967 in Fullerton, CA
Married to Julie Ann Dedrick
Baseball coach for the San Diego Padres
CoAuthor of
The Ballgame of Life: Lessons for Parents and Coaches of Young Baseball Players

Julie Ann Dedrick
Born in Los Angeles, CA
Full time Mom

Joseph Gerald Aversa III (Tripp)
Born August 3, 1996 in Portland, MA

Travis James Aversa
Born June 24, 1998 in Fountain Valley, CA

Julie Maria Aversa
Born August 16, 1970 in Huntington Beach, CA.
Married to Jordan A. Harris, May 1999, in Huntington Beach, CA.
Son Emerson Jiwo Harris, born Sept. 16, 2000 in Santa Monica, CA.
Son Lucca Col Harris, born Nov. 16, 2003 in San Rafael, CA.

Jordan A. Harris
Born November 2, 1953 in Los Angeles, CA.

David Marcus Ogren 
Born January 9, 1949
In his own words:
"I am single and self employed as a printing broker with an office in Seattle. I collect old cars and related memorabilia.  I find that my fascination with vintage automobiles brings me in close touch with the social and industrial culture which has shaped this country in the last century." 
He  currently owns a 1947 Lincoln coupe, a 1954 Mercury convertible, a 1949 Willy's Jeepster (currently undergoing restoration), a 1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper and a 1974 Porsche 914.

John Addison Ogren        Detailed Biography
Born September 30, 1952 in Troy, NY
Married to Janice Elizabeth Lippard

Janice Elizabeth Lippard
Born October 28, 1953 in North Carolina

David Paul Ogren
Born January 31, 1985 in Stockholm, Sweden
He is presently an English Major at Arizona State with a concentration in Linguistics.
His interests are foreign languages, opera, and baseball statistics.

Marcus Daniel Ogren
Born December 6, 1988 in Danderyd/Stockholm, Sweden
His interests are science, photography, and online gaming.

Martha Greely Ogren  
Born January 20, 1961 in Fullerton, CA
Married to Stephen James Stejskal

Stephen James Stejskal
Born July 1, 1954 in Washington

Kayla Christine Stejskal
Born March 24, 1995

Jesse Robert David Stejskal
Born October 17, 1997

Elizabeth Jane Ogren  
Born on September 8, 1923 in Jamestown, NY
Married to Willis Dann Rothra
She is the author/editor of two books:

  1. "On Preserving Tropical Florida" a book on the life and work of John C. Gifford, University of Miami Press, Coral Gables, 1972, ISBN 0-87024-173-7, Library of Congress Catalog Number 78-126196). Gifford was a well known naturalist and advocate of preserving Florida plants and wildlife (1879-1949)
  2. FLORIDA’S PIONEER NATURALIST, The life of Charles Torrey Simpson, 1995, University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611 (ISBN 0-8130-1374-7. He was a foremost Conchologist during his life 1846-1912.

Willis Dann Rothra  
Born July 4, 1930 in Jamestown, NY
Married to Elizabeth Jane Ogren 

Catherine Ann Rothra (Kate)
Born September 20, 1965 in Miami, FL
Married Oct. 16, 2004 in Charleston, SC to Frank Fleming


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