Margaret C. Anderson

Columnist Margaret C. Anderson, a retired English teacher, makes her home in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  A graduate of the universities of Missouri and Wyoming, she taught English at the high school level for 10 years and at Eastern Wyoming College, Torrington, for 13 years. After she left the teaching field, she worked as a copy editor at Scottsbluff's daily newspaper, the Star-Herald, from 1986 to 1991.  Her columns have appeared in the Star-Herald since December 1993.  A few of her columns appear below.

bulletFirst column, "Dr. Shrink", published December 28, 1993
bulletNostalgia, March 26, 1996
bulletHumpty Dumpty, September 24, 1996
bulletDad's Poetry, 1997
bulletClip File, September 14, 1997
bulletStone Days, December 30, 1997
bulletMystery Novels, February 15, 1998
bulletTV Commercials, March 1, 1998
bulletCranky, March 22, 1998
bulletFridge Stuff, May 17, 1998
bulletObit Lady, May 25, 1998
bulletCalifornia Visit, September 27, 1998
bulletInternet Humor, January 17, 1999
bulletMusic Matters, August 15, 1999
bulletThis and That, September 5, 1999
bulletInternet Humor II

Unpublished Columns

bulletAm I Weird?, 1994
bulletFriends, 1996
bulletDreamland, 1997

Contacting Margaret Anderson

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